SEM-B Mobility - The sustainable, on-demand, community mobility network

So What is SEM-B ?


Technology in transport has been the most exciting and watched industry for several years with the development of viable electric vehicles. Innovations in the sector have transformed the way we live. In many cases, it has created completely new industries and services. SEM-B is the best of these - combined - reducing the total number of vehicles on the road - safe, convenient, affordable, sustainable SEM-B

Optimize Transit

SEM-B was inspired by watching the current public transport run empty as the last remaining users abandoned it in droves during the last 12 months. Imagine if public transport were door-to-door convenient, split into self-contained pods that are sanitized on a regular basis,  cheaper than running and insuring a vehicle - and altogether more sustainable? Let's make that a reality - Together - We are SEM-B !


By partnering with technology innovators for the integrated SEM-B network, we are now looking forward to launching our pilot schemes starting mid 2022. The innovative SEM-B green transit solution combines  proven technologies with self-financing models to solve today's collective transit needs - AND This is where the SEM-B Community can help - Would you use SEM-B? What do you think? Have your say here ...


Better Electric Buses

The only way we're going to encourage the public to take clean, efficient public transport is to make it convenient and safe...

With a fleet of SEM-B buses operating in urban areas summoned by a tap on our phones, we optimize the public transit system by enabling easier access from neighborhoods currently unserved by mass transit. Imagine being able to send children to school safely, conveniently and affordably, without a parent having to leave the house, or clog rush-hour roads with an underoccupied personal vehicle doing twice the mileage. (Just think about that !) With automated door locking operated by the child’s phone, we can be certain that they are taken to the door, can track them in real-time, can even check in with them via SEM-B's integrated 5G communication network. This is the future of carbon-neutral public transit - more convenient, more affordable and more sustainable than individual vehicles... 

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Utilizing better technology

Ai augmented data driven systems can be an upgrade when accuracy and speed count - not just in real-time processing but also in more complex tasks such as route optimization, fare optimization and forward transport predictive planning.


These proven technologies can scale rapidly, learn on the fly, provide a means to capture operational expertise for broader deployment, and deliver services locally, efficiently, affordably and cleanly on a 24/7 schedule in multiple languages and for the visually impaired.


Developing the algorithms to automate this system is key. Once the system is running it learns each day - the combined route and user knowledge is shared through the network - future transport events can be anticipated and planned in - the system constantly optimizes efficiency, returns for its owner operators, and safety and convenience for its users... Ditch the schedules, ditch the preconceptions about Transit - SEM-B runs in REAL-TIME

The Intelligent Transit ​System

Imagine that! A bus service with a brain - a very powerful brain, one which never sleeps and that only has one goal - to learn to be better, every day an improvement over the last - this is SEM-B - the Urban Mobility System of the Future - Coming soon to a City near You... Join today here to be one of the first to hear about it - and to have your say ! 

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THE SEM-B COMMUNITY - WE'RE ALL ABOUT MAKING A BUS (or should that be buzz ?) 

How can you play a part?  Join the SEM-B community! Be a part of this exciting future, and bring SEM-B to your neighbourhood or city quicker.  Be heard, communicate with us, tell your friends. Together we can make SEM-B a better, modern urban transport system ...  

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