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With city populations doubling by 2050, our world cannot sustain the growing environmental impact that is guaranteed if we continue to use the same old transportation solutions in cities and urban areas - and yet a growing and aging population still needs to get around. Cities are aware of this growing problem, yet offer solutions like "making active transportation choices like walking and cycling more convenient and comfortable, so that physical activity becomes part of the daily rhythm of life." Which is great while we are able, but is an unsustainable and certainly unattainable solution (not to mention inconvenient in inclement weather) for a sizeable sector of the population.  Plus did you ever try running or cycling in a suit and dress shoes with a backpack or laptop?

While it would be uber-cool if we could all afford a shiny new electric vehicle, we have to ask ourselves, is that the best solution for the future of urban mobility? No, no it's not - we need fewer vehicles on our roads - not more. 

Welcome to our solution for the future of sustainable transportation - Welcome to SEM-B...

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